The HOPE Board at Northwestern Memorial Hospital supports the Women’s HIV Program at the Infectious Disease Center at the hospital. This program is dedicated to the treatment of women with HIV or AIDS and the prevention of transmission of HIV to newborns. Since 1999, HOPE has raised over $700,000 for the program, to fund critical social services support for patients, and will continue to drive for funding to help expand essential treatment and programming in the future.

The HOPE Board of Directors

Nancy Gaynor President Lauren Bellegamba George Brigandi Allison Dunn-Burque Christina Collins Laura Doggett Tim Gant Patricia Garcia, MD Jessie Goodwater Lynette Holloway Anita Jerman Kara Kelly Powers Karen Kolodzey Mary Mathys

Gail McCarthy Beth McLaughlin Cameron Moyer Kay Pearson Beth Plotnick Susan Ponteri Laura Roth Konopken Judy Shelton DeeDee Spence Sasha Spinner Sarah Sutton, MD Kristen Wheatley